Friday, 6 March 2015

White Zone Trade: Live Forex Trading Room 2015-03-05 #EURUSD +15 pips

The forex trade room was busy on Thursday with this short on EURUSD (Euro) being the best of the trades. In this trade Kash uses the white zone to great effect. EURUSD has been offered (being sold) throughout the New York session. After making a new low it has retraced to the bottom of the Tiger Time Lanes White Zone on the 1 minute time frame.Indeed this proved to be the case with the trade grossing +15 pips.

This is a great example of a white zone trade. This is where price has made a new high or low and the grid is stretched, ie the there larger than usual distances between the discs on the 1 minute lane and between the discs on the 1 minute and 5 minute lanes, then the edges of the white zone on the 1 minute lane become powerful support and resistance levels for forex scalping trades.

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