Sunday, 15 March 2015

Live Forex Traders Room 2015-03-13 #EURUSD +6 : Multi Time Frame Combination Trade

Friday, the last day of the trading week and another good example of a Multi Time Frame Combination Trade (Supreme Combo). This time it is on Euro and price action is good. Euro had had a bit of a respite and had moved up at the end of the Asian and beginning of the London session. When this move retraced provided the perfect conditions for a The Multi Time Frame set up to start to form on the Tiger Time Lanes Forex software. The opportunity to take the trade however only comes if price moves into the set up zone. Here it did, with enough of a distance back to the one minute disk for it to provide a high probability trade. Paul entered EURUSD long and the Multi Timeframe combination level and took a nice +6 pips. In fact the set up proved to be very strong with several of the guys in the room making more.

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