Sunday, 1 March 2015

Live Forex Trade Room 2015-02-26 +25 Pips From Three More Trades

This is a compilation of the the last three trades of Thursday’s the New York the session from the forex trade room. Kash’s trading remained good with the trades netting him +25 pips with and aanother +30 pips being taken on the running positions. Without doubt it is an exhibition of exceptional forex scalping technique using the Tiger Time Lanes forex software.

One of the most important lessons to take away from this session is the simplicity of the technique that Kash uses. He is always in control of each of the forex trades and ensures that his risk is under control. In addition you will notice he guides the room members through each trade explaining exactly why he has taken the trades. Watching seasoned professionals trade is a good way to pick up tips and learn from their experience.

You can find the first three trades of the session using the below links:

Orange To White Trade: Live Forex Trade Room 2015-02-26 EURUSD +9 Pips

Handling Losing Trades: Live Forex Trade Room 2015-02-26 NZDUSD -5 Pips

Under Over Trade: Live Forex Trade Room 2015-02-26 EURUSD +7 Pips

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