Friday, 27 February 2015

Handling Losing Trades: Live Forex Trade Room 2015-02-26 NZDUSD -5 Pips

Most forex traders will tell you it is not the number of winning trades that dictates your success or failure as a forex trader but in how you handle the losing trades. This particularly important when using scalping strategies as the margin of error is much smaller. No system has 100% winning trades but we pride are selves on the fact that our strategies have between 70 and 90% strike rate. However, one bad loss can undo much of the good work of winning trades. This is the second trade of the session for Kash. He has spotted strong support area on NZDUSD and takes the pair long. In the video you will see how he alters his initial trading plan to reduce risk as the circumstances change limiting his los to just -5 pips. This video is probably more important to watch an all of the winning videosif you are serious about learning to trade Forex.

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